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Dreams, symbolism, nature, melancholy, mythology and  the unnatural  are recurring themes in my work. Through my paintings I make a symbolic reflection of my inner world visible. Often these subjects are very personal but at the same time very universal. Therefore also approachable to the viewer. My love for dreamy melancholy is also reflected in my use of colour and choice of materials. Oil paint is my favourite medium and gives me the opportunity to express myself fully



My collages are created by bringing together different images from

old magazines. while puzzling the images, a new story emerges.
The collage is further elaborated with paint and framed

in antique gold plated frames.


This interactive installation consists of 30 recycled vintage and antique glasses. All of them are hand-painted and cut out of cardboard.

So each pair of glasses is unique!This installation can be rented as a photobooth for events, a wedding, company parties, birthday parties, festivals,...

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